As a business you gain a valuable opportunity to access new ideas and technologies and grow through innovation.


By partnering with us, you have a unique opportunity to expand your horizons and create new pathways for innovation, value creation and business growth.

By connecting you to new and emerging research, technologies and expertise, we can help you enhance your innovation pipeline, build innovation capacity and improve commercialisation outcomes. We understand that your innovation needs are unique to your business, so our innovation partnerships are tailored to work for you.

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A business journey

Innovation partnering


Increasingly, businesses are telling us “we don’t know what we don’t know”. Their problems, needs and objectives are not obvious or clearly defined. What is clear, however, is that their innovation efforts are not delivering the outcomes they need. In these cases, we adopt a co-innovation model, collaborating deeply with the internal team to challenge assumptions, uncover new and emerging problems and needs, generate hypotheses and future scenarios, introduce emerging technologies and co-create new solutions and value, which we jointly commercialise, often through a new venture.

IP commercialisation

Open innovation

In some cases, IP commercialisation has more in common with matchmaking than deep exploration and co-creation. The problem or need is well defined, external solutions exist or are in development and the business has an expectation of the value to be created. In these cases, an open innovation or technology transfer model is more appropriate and our role is to match the specified needs with the best solution, both in terms of technology and research team. We also work with the team to access funding and to develop a market and commercialisation strategy which maximises value and returns. This may involve a technology license or a new venture.


Innovation opportunities

We are actively seeking commercial partners for a number of our existing technologies and research projects. Also, we are currently accepting applications from businesses who wish to participate in our Innovation Partnership programme.